Reducing Parental Conflict Training for professionals working with families (introducing GM Relationship Toolkit)

Description: Quality relationships throughout life are a right, not a privilege. Couple, family and social relationships hold the key to good parenting, education attainment, mental and physical wellbeing and quality of life in our later years. There is strong evidence that supports the need for a system change approach that recognises quality relationships as a core shared objective ie. receiving relationship support from a practitioner they know already and have a relationship with.

This training provides professionals an awareness around parental conflict, its impact and introduces the Greater Manchester Relationship Toolkit which helps practitioners in their role supporting couples in their relationships. Relationship support doesn’t always need to be about specialist ‘relationship support,’ all practitioners working with families can play their role… it’s everyone’s business!

Following the training professionals will be provided with a GM Relationship Toolkit and a Relationship Champion badge.

There are currently no dates for this event.