Safer Sleep for Babies

Safer sleep advice saves babies lives. Giving evidence based safer sleep advice reduces the risks of Sudden Infant Death (SID’s) in babies. If you work with families who have a baby under the age of 1, it is important you have knowledge and skills to support families in ensuring every sleep is safe for a baby night or day.

Designed for professionals and practitioners who may come into contact with families and might have an opportunity to give safer sleep information, however brief their contact is, and irrespective of their role e.g. Social Workers, family support workers, children’s centre staff, fire fighters, paramedics, police officers, housing officers, or health and education staff.

'Babies cry, you can cope' This is the message from NHS, local authorities, and healthcare organisations from across the country who have come together to promote lifesaving messages to parents.

Research suggests that some parents and caregivers can lose control when a baby’s crying becomes too much. Some go on to shake a baby with devastating consequences.

Abusive head trauma (AHT) causes catastrophic brain injuries, which can lead to death, or significant long-term health and learning disabilities.

ICON is a programme adopted by health and social care organisations in the UK to provide information about infant crying, including how to cope, support parents/carers, reduce stress and prevent abusive head trauma in babies.


June 2023

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
13/06/2023 09:30-12:30 1 Day Woodlands Children Centre 14 Book

September 2023

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
06/09/2023 09:30-12:30 1 Day Howard Street Children's Centre 23 Book

December 2023

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
06/12/2023 09:30-12:30 1 Day Virtual 21 Book