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Safe After School – Advice and Resources

Advice for unregulated clubs, private tutors and teaching or activity centres that work with children and young people:

Behaviour Top Tips
Code of Conduct templates
Comments and Complaints Form
Complaints Monitoring
Initial Consideration Form 
Photography and Filming consent form
Recommended Ratios
Safe After School checklist
Safeguarding Children Policy Template
Codes of Conduct

Safe after School Resources: 

Safe After School: Provider booklet
Safe After School: Ask the Right Questions
Safe After School: Help Children to be Safe After School
Safe After School: Question Card
Safe After School Poster: Total Faith
Safe After School Poster: Children's Entertainer
Safe After School Poster: Crossing the Road
Safe After School Poster: Kennel
Safe After School Poster: Credit Card
Safe After School Poster: Private Tutor
Safe After School: DVD Clips

Helpful Resources: 

Rochdale Community Safeguarding Forum
Unregulated Groups: Self Assessment Tool
Child Protection in Sport Unit

Basic Safeguarding Training: 

Training can be purchased from a number of organisations including:

Some free online courses are also available, click here for more information

Useful Links: 
NSPCC: Safeguarding in the performing arts

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