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Child Safety Hazards

Babies can choke on nappy sacks

Nappy sacks are disposable, often perfumed, plastic bags into which soiled nappies are placed after removal from babies and prior to disposal. They have recently been identified as causing suffocation and choking of babies under one-year-old.

Parents and carers are generally aware of the dangers posed by plastic bags, but do not make the same link to nappy sacks and so are less likely to take the same safety precautions.

Advice for parents

To avoid danger of suffocation and choking:

  • Do:
    Always keep nappy sacks and other plastic bags and wrapping away from babies and young children
  • Do not:
    Place nappy sacks within babies’ reach
    Place nappy sacks in a baby’s cot pram or buggy

Babies can suffocate on nappy sacks - leaflet

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