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For Children and young people

Bullying can happen to anyone at any age, at school, at home, on the bus, in the street, online, or on your mobile phone. It might be that someone pushes you around, talks about you, teases you, makes fun of you, hits you or calls you names.

No one has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad, and if you are being bullied you don't have to put up with it.

Talk to a teacher, your mum, your dad, or someone else in your family. If there is no one at home or at school you can talk to then you can talk confidentially at Childline.

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For Parents/Carers

If you think your child or a child you know is being bullied it is important to take immediate action. Bullying can happen at any time and to any child.

Talk to your child's teacher and get advice from Bullying UK or KIDSCAPE

Bullying is a frightening experience.  It can isolate and damage a child or young person's self-confidence.  Ongoing bullying can have a serious, long-term impact on a child's wellbeing. 

Bullying can include:

  • Persistently calling hateful or hurtful names
  • Making things up to get children into trouble
  • Hitting, pinching, biting, pushing and shoving
  • Spreading rumours, for example, on social networking sites like 'Facebook' (Cyberbullying)
  • Threatening, tormenting or intimidating children
  • Making silent or abusive phone calls

Bullies who continually harm other children are likely to be experiencing difficulties of their own. By reporting your concerns you will:

  • Protect your own child
  • Get help for a child who may be in need of support

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