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Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children's Week 2024

Join Us for Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children's Week 2024: A Unified Approach to Child Safety.

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children's Week 2024 is just around the corner, and this year promises to be more impactful than ever. 

Poster promoting training sessionsFrom June 24th to June 28th, all ten Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children Partnerships will unite to promote crucial information and strategies to ensure the safety and well-being of our children. Each area will focus on a specific safeguarding topic, reflecting the collective learning and insights from the Greater Manchester community.

In the Rochdale borough, the focus will be on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). This locally chosen topic stems from valuable feedback gathered at the recent Greater Manchester Honour-Based Abuse (HBA) conference, where practitioners identified a gap in their professional development concerning HBA topics, including FGM.

Key Activities in Rochdale:

  1. Promoting Guidance on FGM:

RBSCP will disseminate comprehensive guidance on identifying, reporting, and preventing FGM. This will include detailed information on the physical and psychological impact of FGM, as well as the legal framework protecting children from this practice.

  1. Highlighting the One Chance Rule:

A key aspect of the campaign will be raising awareness about the One Chance Rule, a crucial principle in safeguarding children at risk of FGM. The One Chance Rule emphasizes that professionals may only have one opportunity to save a child from harm. RBSCP aims to ensure that all practitioners understand the importance of immediate and decisive action when FGM is suspected.

  1. Engaging with Schools:

RBSCP, supported by GM SCP colleagues, will send a letter to every school in Greater Manchester for action during the final weeks of the Summer Term. This letter will promote FGM awareness, providing educators with the necessary tools and knowledge to identify and support at-risk students. Schools will receive resources and contacts for further assistance, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle potential FGM cases.

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More information

Updates for GM area webinars will appear on this page. Add our social media for all information and updates.

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GM Safeguarding Week Training.

Monday 24th June: Bury Safeguarding Partnership. Safer Sleep. Book a place HERE

Tuesday 25th June. Bolton & Stockport Safeguarding Partnerships. Learning from North West Reviews. Book a place HERE

Wednesday 26th June. Salford Safeguarding Partnership. Online / E-safety. Book your place with Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership please email debbie.hulme@salford.gov.uk with the following information: Name of delegate, Job title, Agency, Full Address, Email address, Name of delegate's manager, Manager’s email address.

Thursday 27th June. Trafford Safeguarding Partnership. Graded Care Profile 2. Please note, this training is not applicable for Rochdale borough colleagues due to RBSCP Neglect toolkit. For non-Rochdale based colleagues, you can secure a place via email to tssp.learning@trafford.gov.uk

Why FGM Matters.

FGM has long-lasting consequences for the physical and mental health of girls and women. For Safeguarding weekBy focusing on FGM during Safeguarding Children's Week, Rochdale and the broader Greater Manchester safeguarding community are taking a stand against this harmful practice. This initiative aims to empower professionals, parents, and the community at large with the knowledge and resources needed to protect children from FGM and other forms of abuse.

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children's Week 2024 is an opportunity for everyone, professionals, parents, and children, to come together and reinforce our commitment to child safety. By participating in the various activities and engaging with the resources provided, you can play a vital role in safeguarding the children in our community.

Let's work together to make Greater Manchester a place where every child can thrive safely and securely.

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