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Safeguarding Children Practice Reviews and Adult Reviews

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

Working Together 2018 sets out the requirement to undertake Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews in cases which meet set criteria.

In the past, Working Together 2015 set out the requirement to undertake Serious Case Reviews. Some reviews currently being undertaken by the RBSCP are still Serious Case Reviews as they were commissioned before Working Together 2018 was published and the multi-agency safeguarding arrangements were established in Rochdale.

Information on Child Practice Reviews

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

The purpose of a Safeguarding Adult Review is not to reinvestigate or apportion blame but to establish whether lessons can be learnt from the circumstances of a case that may improve practice or the way in which agencies and professionals work together to safeguard vulnerable adults. The focus of Safeguarding Adult Reviews, in line with both multi-agency policy and national guidance, is to:

Learn from past experience and the specific event examined;

Improve future practice and outcomes by acting on learning identified by the review;

Improve multi-agency working and compliance with any other multiagency or single agency procedures.

More information on Safeguarding Adult Reviews

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