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Safeguarding Adult Reviews and Audits

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

The purpose of a Safeguarding Adult Review is not to reinvestigate or apportion blame but to establish whether lessons can be learnt from the circumstances of a case that may improve practice or the way in which agencies and professionals work together to safeguard vulnerable adults. The focus of Safeguarding Adult Reviews, in line with both multi-agency policy and national guidance, is to:

  • Learn from past experience and the specific event examined;
  • Improve future practice and outcomes by acting on learning identified by the review;
  • Improve multi-agency working and compliance with any other multiagency or single agency procedures.

Safeguarding Adults Reviews - Referral Form

Safeguarding Adults Reviews - Information for Families

Safeguarding Adult Reviews - More information

Published Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Adult D - Overview Report

Adult E - Overview Report

Adult F - Overview Report

Adult G - Overview Report

Adult H - Overview Report

Adult I - Overview Report

Adult K - Overview Report

Adult L - Overview Report

Reports of SARs held in Rochdale are available on this page for 12 months from their publication date.

Learning Briefings/Spidergrams

Adult B Learning Briefing

Adult C Learning Briefing

Adult 2 Learning Briefing

Adult 2 - 7 Minute Briefing

Adult D - 7 Minute Briefing

Adult 3 - 7 Minute Briefing

Adult E - 7MB

Adult G - Extended Learning Brief

Adult H - Learning Briefing

Spidergram - Adult H

Adult I - Learning Briefing

Spidergram - Adult I

Adult K - Learning Briefing

Spidergram - Adult K

Adult L - Learning Brief

Spidergram - Adult L

National SAR Analysis

This first national analysis of Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs) in England was funded by the Care and Health Improvement Programme, supported by the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS). Its purpose was to identify priorities for sector-led improvement.

This summary identifies the headline findings and provides an outline of the 11 sections of the main report, to which readers can turn for further detail. Building on published regional thematic reviews and analyses focusing on specific types of abuse and neglect, the analysis fills a significant gap in the knowledge base about adult safeguarding across all types of abuse and neglect.

Analysis of Safeguarding Adult Reviews: April 2017 - March 2019

Briefing for individuals and their families - Analysis of Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Briefing for practitioners - Analysis of Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Briefing for Safeguarding Adults Reviews authors - Analysis of Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Briefing for senior leaders - Analysis of Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Briefing for elected members - Analysis of Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Briefing for Safeguarding Adult Board chairs and business managers - Analysis of Safeguarding Adults Reviews

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