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Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

Working Together 2018 sets out the requirement to undertake Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews in cases which meet set criteria. 

In the past, Working Together 2015 set out the requirement to undertake Serious Case Reviews. Some reviews currently being undertaken by the RBSCP are still Serious Case Reviews as they were commissioned before Working Together 2018 was published and the multi-agency safeguarding arrangements were established in Rochdale. 

Reports are published on the RBSCP website for a period of 12 months.

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews: 

7 minute Briefings 

National repository of published case reviews:

Serious Case Reviews provide valuable lessons about how organisations are working together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

The national repository of published case reviews is a collaboration between the Association of Independent LSCB Chairs and the NSPCC.

All case reviews are held in a central location, so the learning contained within them is easier to access. Reports can be retrieved by theme and summaries of key learning are also available.

The NSPCC also publish thematic briefings to highlight learning from Reviews. You can find the briefings by clicking here.

NSPCC Report: Teenagers- Learning from reviews

If you have any queries about Reviews, and wish to speak to someone about the process, please contact rbsb.admin@rochdale.gov.uk 

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