Child to Parent Violence & Abuse Awareness Raising Session for professionals working with families

Description: This multi-agency awareness session has been developed to support professionals working with families across Rochdale borough. We understand that Child to Parent Violence / Abuse is an issue that impacts many young people and their families and therefore we want to increase awareness around this form of abuse and help professionals in supporting families affected by it.
The session will aim to:
• Explore the prevalence of CPVA
• Increase awareness of CPVA and its impact on families
• Discuss challenges for families and professionals
• Support professionals in identifying and exploring CPVA with families
• Offer strategies to help professionals support families
• Promote CPVA support for families in Rochdale in order for them to understand what is happening and build strategies to repair relationships stopping unwanted behaviour ie. Break4Change group programme, CPVA family support. 


October 2022

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
13/10/2022 10:00-12:00 1 Day Virtual 22 Book

January 2023

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
24/01/2023 10:00-12:00 1 Day Virtual 25 Book